The Virtual University of Pakistan has always tried to facilitate its students and graduates to meet international standard quality education which ensures quality product. Now a days employers have different trends in the job market, the trend is to hire the graduates from an institute where they find outstanding talent. Virtual University ensures to meet this market trend to the satisfaction of employer.

VU offers international standard BS programs in eight different disciplines where the students are educated in a manner to be completely ready for the job market. 2-year master program of international standard in business administration, computer science and information technology ensure quality of education which ultimately play key role for developing professionals for the job market.

The career development office (CDO) of Virtual University provides internship and job opportunities to its students and graduates. Fresh graduates are encouraged for internships while most of VU students are professionals who are already in pursuit of their career with various organizations. Virtual University helps these graduates for better opportunities in job market.


  1. Facilitate VU students for career development.
  2. Provide counseling and better opportunities to VU students for career growth.
  3. Ensure that VU graduates are employed in the organization/industry of their choice.
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